Uncaptive – Ethical Clothing Co.

Over 100 million people in the world work for the fashion industry. In an era where fast fashion has taken over our high streets, Uncaptive recognises the impact clothing has on the planet, from sweatshops and child labour, to pollution, global warming and cruel exploitation of animals.

Created in July 2016 by Declan and Itala, we work towards making ethical products widely accessible. Our concern with people, animals and the environment goes beyond Fashion - having recently launched a range of conscious living essentials, the Zero Waste movement plays an important role in the development of our brand.

Uncaptive uses ethical business practices to support positive change and a sustainable future. The people and the planet build the core values of the company, and we're socially and eco-consciously motivated to continually seek responsible ways of tackling fair trade, fair labour, animal well-fare and environmental issues related to the consumerism of clothing.

Their everyday wear is gentle to your skin, and kind to the planet.