Are you open every day?

Yes, the venue opens from 10am until 10pm, benches can be booked from 12pm onwards.

Do you have to book to visit?

No, we still accept walk up as only 1/3 of our benches are bookable. We strongly recommend booking if you want a guarantee of entry.

Is there a cost to book?

Yes, there will be a deposit to pay to secure a bench. These start from £15 midweek up to £60 Friday - Sunday.

The cost will be determined by what day you visit and the number of guests.

The deposit will be given back to you as drink and/or food vouchers upon arrival*

*You must use your vouchers on the day of your booking.

How many vouchers will I get?

£15 Deposit (Midweek bookings 2 - 3 guests) = 3 drinks vouchers

£20 Deposit (Weekend bookings 2 - 3 guests) = 4 drinks vouchers

£25 Deposit (Midweek bookings 4 - 6 guests) = 5 drinks vouchers

£60 Deposit (Weekend bookings 4 - 6 guests) = 5 drinks vouchers & 4 food vouchers.

Can I still enjoy Stack with my family?

We pride ourselves on being family friendly meaning under 18's are welcome in the venue up until 8pm. They must be accompanied by an adult during their visit at all times.

Can I book a bench with up to 6 people from different households in the outside areas of STACK?

It is not against the law to meet with people you do not live with in an outdoor setting. However, we respectfully remind our visitors that current guidance applying in the North East of England, is that people should not meet with people they do not live with or people outside of their support bubble in any outdoor public venues.

There are more than 6 people in my household/support bubble, can we still book at STACK?

YES - to comply with Government regulations, we can host groups of more than 6 if all group members are from the same household/support bubble. However, the maximum amount of guest we can accommodate at one time is 10 due to the size of our benches.

As we need to discuss your options prior to your booking being confirmed, your booking request will initially be received as a provisional enquiry. One of our dedicated bookings team will then contact you within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to ask for proof of identity and/or address.

What happens if one of my guests can’t make it and this in turn reduces the size of the bench we need?

Simply advise our door hosts that your numbers have dropped. We may, where it is safe to do so, place a smaller group on your bench.

How long can I reserve the bench for?

Benches will automatically be allocated for 3 hours in our Plaza and 2.5 hours in the Tipi. If you wish to leave prior to your end time you can. When your booking duration comes to an end, we will kindly ask you to vacate the bench ready for the next booking. Due to capacity guidelines, you may be asked to leave the venue if there is nowhere suitable for your group to move to. Notice will be given when your time is due to come to an end.

Can I arrive anytime during my booking time slot?

No, you must arrive within the first 15 minutes of your start time otherwise you risk losing your bench. Arrival times are non-negotiable to ensure we adhere to government guidelines.

What happens if I am late?

We strongly advise you arrive on time. Once your booking time starts, you will have 15 minutes to be seated. If you arrive between 15-30 minutes late, you may be asked to leave and come back at a time that best suits the venue. If you arrive 30 minutes after your booking time, you may not be able to be seated and your deposit may be lost.

What time can I book benches from?

Bookings start from 12pm with the last bookable space starting at 7:15pm.

During the booking process only, available benches will be shown. If your preferred time is not visible, this means that time is fully booked and you may have to be flexible with your arrival time. Any greyed-out dates are unavailable generally as they are fully booked.

Can I extend my booking if the bench is free after my time is up?

It is very likely there will be another booking on the bench after your booking, particularly at busier times. Every bench will have details of booking arrival times, if you want to extend your visit to Stack please speak to a member of staff to discuss if there is any immediate extension the day.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Your deposit is non-refundable, however if given more than 48 hours’ notice (Mon – Fri) we will offer a date change (subject to availability).

Do I have to ask a member of staff if I want to use the toilet facilities?

No, please just ensure you are following appropriate social distancing measures, our one-way system and are wearing a face covering or mask whilst moving around the venue.

Do I need to let a member of staff know if I am leaving my booking early?

If you are leaving before your allocated time, it would be appreciated if you could let a member of staff know.

Do you accept same day bookings?

No, all bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance so we are able to manage capacity.

How do we enter when we arrive?

We have a one-way system in place for entries and exits, you must enter via our Pilgrim Street entrance where our friendly staff will safely check you in and show you to your bench.

Are the benches undercover?

Yes. All pre booked benches will guarantee you are undercover either in our Plaza or in the Tipi.

How do I order my drinks and food?

We are operating on 100% table service. You can order drinks via our friendly table hosts or food and drinks via our click and pay App “W8R” (we suggest downloading this prior to arrival)

Can I still pay with cash?

Yes, however we strongly encourage contactless payments.

Do I have to wear a mask when I visit?

Masks are not compulsory outdoors but must be worn indoors unless you have a reasonable excuse under the Face Covering Regulations not to wear a face covering.

Although STACK is an outdoor premise there are indoor areas including toilets and Hadrian’s Tipi where you will be required to abide by the indoor regulations on wearing masks.

Masks may be removed when seated at tables for the purposes of eating or drinking.